We EMPOWER BRANDS to achieve their online sales potential through innovation, proprietary technology, tailored strategies and mutually beneficial partnerships.


  • Simply put, we purchase your products and sell them online, freeing up your capital and moving your stocks
  • We help brands take advantage of the ever growing online markets, improve their positioning and increase sales, achieved with the help of analytic tools, strategies, expertise, hard work and determination with the mutual end goal of efficiently moving your products and getting maximum exposure online for optimal sales.

Exactly What We Can Do For You.

We purchase your products and once we do, they become our responsibility, with no additional cost to you.

We write/rewrite product title’s with high volume keywords. Create HTML bullet points and descriptions for a professional look and readability and perform professional photographs and lifestyle photos for all products.

We setup and manage product advertising and PPC campaigns, done correctly can drive additional traffic to your products, then increase product reviews by generating follow up email sequences.

We strategically bundle or add promotions and giveaways to products to increases sales volume, rank and ratings.

We offer free insight to product competition and trends. Analyze customer reviews and provide free feedback and potential solutions to you. Good, bad or otherwise.

We repackage products to be more appealing to target demographics.


MTN CO. was founded by husband and wife team Joshua and Rebecca Mitton in 2015 and after nearly 15 years owning and operating small and medium businesses in Australia, have made the decision to peruse online e-commerce.

The decision to give up the “traditional” business model was made with family in mind and the arrival of their second son in early 2019 led them to look at alternate business models that would enable them both to play a large part in the up bringing of their children. Josh Jnr and Will.

Equipped with 21 years of experience in Business Management, Administration and Development, have turned their attention to the online world, on a mission to partner with brands that share similar goals and values.


Joshua Mitton

Business Development and Product Research 

Skilled in his ability to adapt, lead, and efficiently execute, Joshua brings a fresh & innovative approach to building the brand and capability of MTN CO. and through the development of various businesses, Joshua has built a reputation as an industry pioneer, specializing in strategic vision and client and customer relations.

Rebecca Mitton

Accounts & Office Management 


Drawing on her experience in business administration, accounting and data management, Rebecca has always been the core stone of her business ventures, creating and developing business management systems by embracing and adapting advancements in all sectors and applying them to ensure practical and time efficient solutions are achieved.

Joshua Jnr

The Little Boss


At the ripe old age of 2 ½, Josh Jnr has quickly ascended to the head of this family. Josh has mastered the art of getting his way. He achieves this by utilizing his child like innocence or if required relentless whinging, mixed with the enthusiasm and energy that only a 2 year old can radiate. His days consist of warmed dairy beverages, constantly moving & raising hell, all the traits of a true leader.


The Inspiration


Will, the newest member of the family, and unlike his older sibling, he was blessed with a calm spirit. Always first with a smile and cuddle to start the day, his warm and gentle approach to life brings perspective and balance to our busy lives and refills our tanks with love and enthusiasm which we bring to this business each and every day.


We are always looking for new and exciting companies that share the same goals, values and beliefs as us to partner with. If you believe that we can help or assist your business in any way, please contact us today.

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